Biowave Health

Welcome to Biowave Health.

Biowave Health is committed to enhancing the quality of life via specialized products that support optimal inter and intra-cellular communication.

Biowave Health recognizes that subtle electro-magnetic signals form the basis of the human biological communication system. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, cell researcher, the cells in our bodies are 100 times more sensitive to electromagnetic information than to chemical information. Therefore products that support natural cellular resonance frequencies are now the leading edge for health and wellness.

At Biowave Health, our products bring together the ancient healing wisdom of the far east with the latest technological advances in subtle energy physics. We offer truly effective products designed to keep us safe in today’s unnaturally toxic and electrified world.

Products include the frequency imprinted (mineral water filled) hand-blown, glass pendants, the Geo-Safe E EMF protection spheres for home protection, pocket sized, crystal-filled sacks for cell phone and personal travel protection, and frequency activated bath soaks and oils.

The pendants, bath soaks and oils are derived from research conducted by doctors and energy-medicine researchers using the highly sophisticated German technical device called the Bicom 2000. The Geo Safe E products were created by Dieter Shafer, a highly successful ‘earth’ dowser from Germany who has practiced for years to improve the health of people and animals by locating and neutralizing earth and man-made radiation fields. We carry the book about his work: Geopathic Zones by Luise Weidel

We strive to offer the best service available and stand behind our products.